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The Value of Inclusive Education

Around the world, children are excluded from schools where they belong because of disability, race, language, religion, gender, and poverty.

But every child has the right to be supported by their parents and community to grow, learn, and develop in the early years, and, upon reaching school age, to go to school and be welcomed and included by teachers and peers alike. When all children, regardless of their differences, are educated together, everyone benefits—this is the cornerstone of inclusive education.

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Ten Friendship Skills Every Kid Needs

1. Find the right “tribe”

One of the most important social skills is the ability to discern who might be a good friend. Kids need to find other kids who accept who they are, consider them an equal, and share some of the same interests. Some kids try to join the perceived “popular” group only to find they are not truly welcome. Such “friendships” are lopsided and unfulfilling, and in fact, often only one child (usually the one not being accepted) considers the friendship viable and is investing in it. Rather than encouraging children to continue forcing themselves into a friendship or group where they are not whole-heartedly welcome, help them instead discover where their real “tribe” is, which may be just one or two other like-minded kids.

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