Dreamcatcher Craft

So that they create their own dreamcatchers easily and simply, which can also be taken as souvenirs to decorate your room.

Fuse Beads Craft

Inclues different shapes and colourful cards for creations. Ironing papers. Key rings with link chain and open jump rings plus enough Multicolor Fuse beads for everyone.

Paint masks or canva craft

To have a great time while launching creativity, using different patterns and materials.

Party bag craft

Decorate your own bag to bring home


Bracelet and Necklaces Workshop

To be entertained and have fun making original rope bracelets/Necklaces and beads. The best memory of a special day.

Makeup workshop

Includes a makeup case with shadows, blushes and lipstick of different colors.

Beauty workshop

Includes a spa set with kimonos, towels, eye masks and more… to make you feel like in a real beauty and relaxation center

Manicure workshop

Includes bags, body jewels, coloured hair clip braids, tattoos, pink spa eye masks, toe separators, emery boards, crown hair fringe stickers, and girls nail deca.


Fashion kit

Carpet with costumes

Breakfast kit

Milk, cup cakes, fruit

Morning kit

Includes toothbrush, toothpaste and towel

Dinner kit

Drink, pizza, chips, dessert

Personalized kit

Pajama, slippers and mugs